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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Book Review: 100% Leadership – Guidelines To Be An Effective Leader

There are many roads that can lead to success.  Leadership is about knowing the right road for the right situation.  It takes skilled judgment to apply the right method at the right time, under the right circumstances.

100% Leadership is a practical guide to daily decisions and actions.  This book is written by Gabriel Hevesi a retired management consultant from Brazil with more that 50 years of front-line business experience.  He shares valuable guidance on communicating, team-building, planning, and efficiency.

The author covers an array of topics in context of the company not the leader.  They include:
  1. Common Sense and Sound Judgment
  2. Know Yourself
  3. Managers Lead
  4. Risk Management, Crisis Management, Work Ethics, and Social Responsibility
  5. What Makes a Leader?
  6. Leader Communicate
  7. Results Oriented Behavior
  8. Leaders are Team Builders
  9. Leader Plan
  10. Efficiency Leaders
  11. Change Leaders
  12. Leaders Make Decisions
  13. The Leader and The Stakeholder
  14. Trend Leaders
  15. World Leaders
  16. Levels of Leadership

100% Leadership is an easy, quick ready at about 130 pages.  The format allows for anyone from first time frontline leaders to seasoned executives to be able to read this book.  Each chapter starts with a quote from a famous leader and ends with a checklist to support your thinking of the topic.

The emphasis of this book is on usefulness.  The book presents often opposing systems, theories, and opinions to provoke – to force your thinking to fit variables together like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle. The true test of leadership is how you use your judgment and common sense for selection, timing, and application of ideas.

I enjoyed this book and found it quite valuable.  As the subtitle indicates this is a helpful reference for anyone developing leaders in your organization.  Both those mentoring and being mentored will benefit from 100% Leadership.

Note:  A copy of this book was supplied by the publisher Enna for review.

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