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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lean Roundup #20 - January, 2011

A selection of highlighted blog posts from Lean bloggers from the month of January, 2011.  You can also view the previous monthly Lean Roundups here.

12 Ways to Start Building a Continuous Improvement Culture – Jeff Hajek lays out 12 small steps to start your Lean journey with a solid foundation.

5 Change Communication Resolutions for 2011 – Liz Guthridge shares 5 things you can do differently to make your change communication more effective.

Lean Office – Pete Abilla has a good piece on using Lean in the office environment with a couple good videos.

Waste Elimination is the Ultimate Development Process – Michael Balle explains the waste elimination is not the end but the means by which we can develop people to be better problem solvers.

How to Train Lean Champions to Run Kaizen Events Part 1, Part 2, & Part 3 – Tony Manos offers some advice on how to get your Lean Champions learn how to run effective kaizens.

Productivity Rules – Bill Waddell explains the make-up of labor costs at typical and best companies while establishing a measure for “leanness”.

Respect for People Doesn’t Mean Avoiding Any Hint of Criticism – John Hunter says personal attacks are not helpful but respect for people doesn’t mean avoid touchy subjects.

Managing White Space to Effectively Check & Adjust – Connor Shea says it is the management system around value streams (or white space) that is paramount to focus on check and adjust.

The Flow of Improvement – Mark Rosenthal talks about the idea of making improvement continuous and not periodic events.

Logistics Management – Pete Abilla share some tips to reduce supply chain and logistics costs from Lean thinking.

Take Control: Prioritize Your Problem List – JC Gatlin explains a method of prioritizing your problem solving efforts using the A, B, C method.

Slow and Steady, and Routine – Jamie Flinchbaugh says learning can’t be compressed and shares some tactics to help build a routine to learning.

3 Signs of a Shaky Work Structure; Act Before It's Too Late – Liz Guthridge explains 3 key indicators to look for in your organization that your work structure isn’t working.

Financial Benefits – Art Smalley explains how Toyota and others see financial results from Lean.

All about Andon Light and Andon Signals – Tony Manos at 5S Supply has a post all about andons.

Lean Implementation - Common Failure – Al Norval explains 2 common failures in Lean implementations.

Decision Sclerosis - Dan Markovitz examines why companies aren’t as nimble in decision making and what they can do about it.

The Importance of Metering the Smallest Losses – Jon Miller reminds us that it is worthwhile to accurately measure and meter the impact of the smallest losses on your business.

Leadership Re-directions: Change is Bad? – Bryan Zeigler shares some thought on the wastefulness of change at the top level.

What is the Purpose of Standard? – Dragan Bosnjak explains that a standard is the best way to do something today.

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