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Monday, February 28, 2011

Lean Roundup #21 – February, 2011

A selection of highlighted blog posts from Lean bloggers from the month of February, 2011.  You can also view the previous monthly Lean Roundups here.

Lean Office: 5s in Action! – JC Gatlin shares some lean office example in 5S that everyone can benefit from.

Let's have a meeting to kill meetings – Bryan Zeigler offers some tips on improving meetings and a 5 why analysis with countermeasures on the purpose of a production meeting.

Leading Indicators – Bruce Hamilton shares some leading indicators that an organization has a systemic issue with quality improvement.

Pathway to Creating a "Lean Culture" – Tracey Richardson explains a means to implement Lean by separating the people side from the tool side of Lean.

What happened to materials management? – Bill Waddell explores the negative impact on supply chain from forecasting and the need to bring in Lean thinking.

The Leadership Advantage - Brad Schultz explains three key competencies for leadership in a Lean environment.

Toyota's Response Demonstrate the Toyota Way at its Best – Jeffery Liker reviews the recent Toyota recall crisis and explains what they did well.

Lean Mindsets for Healthcare – Mark Graban explains the thinking needed in Healthcare in a Lean environment which basically defines Lean itself.

Does Technology Actually Provide "Solutions"? – Brian Buck shares some points to consider when looking a technology driven solutions.

Lean Six Sigma and Business as Usual – Pete Abilla explains how kaizen can be business as usual.

Going to Gemba – Pascal Dennis explains how leaders can make more time to go to the Gemba.

What does the word "Lean" mean to you or your Company? – Tracey Richardson explains in her own words what Lean means.

The 8th Waste is a Waste – Matt Wrye talks about the eight waste in terms of respect for people by engaging your work force.

3 Questions to Add to Your Change Management Toolkit – Liz Guthridge says to ask What?, So What?, and What Next? to improve your communication planning and effectiveness.

Everyday Lean: Find the Answer Not the Blame – Susie Sterling talks about the necessary mindset that we never know enough and we must continuously learn.

How Your Employee Performance Management Practices can Benefit from and Contribute to a Lean Culture – Sean Conrad writes about leveraging lean thinking principles in your performance review process can support your Lean culture.

Saw-Muri Warriors – Bruce Hamilton shares a story about mental or human muri to help you understand how to find and eliminate it.

Visual Controls – Tom Southworth writes about how some companies have an overreliance on visual controls where improvement could be used.

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