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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Customizing Lean Your Way

It is important that you apply Lean thinking to solve your own problems. Since every business and industry is different the problems are also different. While we can all learn from each other we must customize our solution if we want the countermeasure to be effective and sustained. A common area you see custom solutions is in material handling.  This usually involves storage, transportation, carts, racks, work stations, and jigs or templates.

The Creform System, employed worldwide for over 40 years, has combined all of the elements of efficient material handling, elements that are today recognized as critical to success in the global market place.

From their website:
Today’s manufacturers are challenged to increase productivity while lowering manufacturing costs. Properly employed, the dynamics of continuous improvement and lean manufacturing can result in a 10% increase per year in productivity by eliminating non-value added waste. Our sales engineers are all trained to assist our customers implement continuous improvement and lean programs as well as the five-S ideology and elimination of non-value added waste using the Creform System.

Here is a video demonstrating the wide range of applications for this product which highlight a number of great Lean ideas:

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