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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

5S Benchmarking Survey 2011

Do you want to see how your 5S program stacks up against others, share best practices or gain insights into 5S? Now is your chance. My friends (and sponsors of this site) over at 5S Supply have put together the most comprehensive 5S survey to date.

A Lean Journey Blog is co-sponsoring a survey to measure your 5S performance. By participating in this benchmarking study, you will help set the standard and be able to gauge your progress alongside other 5S implementers. We hope you'll participate and spread the word to other Lean and 5S practitioners. For your efforts you can receive an exclusive 5S Benchmarking Report that is customized for you along with a "special gift". The survey has 40 questions and will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. There are eight sections, including:

Company information (7 questions)
5S at Your Organization (1 question)
Overall 5S Rank (3 questions)
Training (8 questions)
Implementation (8 questions)
Management Support (2 questions)
Cultural Enablers (2 questions)
Continuous Process Improvement (3 questions)
Enterprise Alignment (1 question)
Results (5 questions)

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  1. May I have the survey questions? cause I am late to participate this survey