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Monday, November 21, 2011

Become a Guest Blogger

Have a passion for Lean Thinking?  Do you have a story, lesson, or example to share?  Maybe you are thinking of starting a blog of your own.  Why not give it a try by being a guest blogger on ALeanJourney.com

Audience Reach:
      A Lean Journey Blog has a fast growing audience:
            Visitors from 146 countries (50% of visitors from USA)
            Over 280 visitors a day
            Over 350 page loads per day

       2010 had over 60,000 page loads and over 40,000 visitors 

       to A Lean Journey Blog. 2011 is on pace to bring double 
       this traffic to the site. August 2011 had over 10,000 page 
       loads and over 7300 visitors.

       Over 1000 Twitter followers of @TimALeanJourney.
       3rd largest Lean related Facebook Page in the world.

Topic Ideas:
Most ideas for a topic are welcome. I generally cover a fair amount of real estate on the Lean Thinking methodology, continuous improvement tools and techniques, and respect for people. Simply look at the list of categories on sidebar to see what content should be submitted.

Some broad guidelines are:
  • Original work and if you cite someone else’s work, be sure to attribute.
  • Original work, not posted or published previously. It’s your intellectual property, but I just ask you to publish it here first, then feel free to publish it elsewhere.
  • Should 250 – 500 words in length.
  • Author byline should include your image, real name or your “nickname”, and a little about you.
  • No product reviews or blatant promotion – self or affiliate promotions will not be accepted be it your product or someone else’s.
  • Common Sense Rule – if your article fits the conversation topic of this blog, it will be approved. I moderate every post and comment.

If your interested then contact me directly with your proposal for a guest post and we can discuss the details. Email at tim at aleanjourney dot com.

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