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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Teaching Kids Standard Work in Our Schools

I am not sure how many of you have elementary age kids but I have 3 lovely kids that age. Every time I visit their classrooms I notice all the visuals. They use visuals throughout their learning process. Whether it is learning the alphabet, weather, time, dates, reading or whatever else the topic it is visual. Elementary classrooms are run very much like or Lean factories with regard to visuals and organization. The use of labels help the kids learn new words but also keep the classroom organized. Everything in a classroom has a home and everything is in its place. All the children know this very well.

A recent trip reminded me of the importance of establishing standard work. If you want people to behave in a certain way or do something in a particular manner than you need to use standard work. Here is an example of standard work at my son’s 2nd grade class.

It is mounted on their desk in the top right corner clearly visible. The kids don’t have to remember all the steps in the morning routine because it is right in front of them. It gets the kids organized and ready to start learning without wasting any time.

Standard work is highly effective at establishing a means to do something that everyone can follow. It also makes it easy to identify when someone is not following the process. Where is standard work used in your daily life to create a routine?

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1 comment:

  1. Great post Tim

    I notice the same thing at our school - just imagine pulling that same standard work approach through all the way to college students!

    What a powerful skill it will be to prepare school leavers. Same applies to basic problem solving / Root cause analysis.

    Danie Vermeulen