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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lean Roundup #40 – September, 2012

A selection of highlighted blog posts from Lean bloggers from the month of September, 2012.  You can also view the previous monthly Lean Roundups here.

Characteristics of Lean Leader – Mark Graban shares 7 characteristics or qualities of leader in a Lean environment.

Are We There Yet? - Alex Maldonado says there no recipe to tell you how many Lean activities to be successful but you can use "LEAN" to help.

What is Good Leader? – Pascal Dennis shares his thoughts on what is takes to be a good business leader.

Do You Envision the Ideal? – David Kasprzak explains why an envisioned ideal helps you to constantly progress i

Lean Thinking and The Third Party Logistics Provider – Robert Martichenko explains the benefits of connecting Lean and your Third Party Logistics (TPL) provider.

Climbing Mountain of Change – Ankit Patel shares some variables that will help you be successful in making change happen.

Rules of Newawashi – Dragan Bosnjak explains the rules of newawashi or consensus building for teams to participate.

It's All About People And Relationships – Bill Waddell says management by numbers is a losing game, management is about people.

Instituting a Culture of Continuous Improvement – Mark Graban shares 7 tips that leaders can do to create a lasting and meaningful culture of continuous improvement.

5 Critical Control Chart Characteristics You May Not Be Aware Of – Ron Pereira explains 5 details of control charts that can help your process control.

Learning To Share – Bruce Hamilton reminds us of the importance of sharing as a means of learning.

A Lifecycle Perspective On Product Quality – Michael Grieves takes a look at quality throughout the Product Life Cycle.

Build Systems That Allow Quick Action - Don't Just Try And Run Faster – John Hunter advocates building system that respond quickly not just going faster which often means working smarter than harder.

Engaged Employees = Loyal Customers = Business Results – Al Norval talks about employee engagement, customer experience, and how leaders can influence them.

The Lean vs Six Sigma Debate Rages On – Karen Martin adds her commentary to the debate she says should never be a debate. It is about improving how we improve.

Can Lean And Corporate Governance Play Together? – John Smith explains Lean and corporate governance and how they can be institutionalized.

Lean Lego - The Red Brick Cancer – Hankan Forss explains a traditional healthcare setting and a Lean healthcare setting with a Lego action story.

Visual Management is Critical to Lean – Matt Wrye shares why visual management is a critical component to Lean thinking.

Start with Production Control and Empower People Through Standards – Tracey Richardson explains how to do Lean in a flow vs batch operation.

Lean vs Historical TPS – Art Smalley shares his thoughts on implementing Lean in different environments.

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