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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Epic Fail, Yes Fail Epically To Improve

It seems nowadays everything is Epic. The word ‘epic’ is probably the most misused and overused word in the English language. Everything is epic this, epic that. Epic Thread, Epic Blog, Epic Win, Epic Fail, etc. But wait Epic Fail, yes we should.

Individually they are defined: 

Epic- Anything great, spectacular, or large/monumental in nature.  
Fail- An inability to complete an objective, task or job either assigned or volunteered for.

Combining them means: 

Epic Fail -A mistake of such monumental proportions that it requires its own term in order to successfully point out the unfathomable shortcomings of an individual or group.

Failure is part of risk-taking for any growing business. It’s what you learn from those missteps, however, that determine future success.

Treat every mistake as an opportunity to learn and grow. Don’t feel stupid or doomed forever just because you failed at something. You can find always other opportunities. If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not improving. Henry Ford said, “Failure is merely an opportunity to begin again knowledgeably.” Failure can be an inevitable stepping-stone to great achievement.

Fear of failure is a genuinely scary thing for many people, and often the reason that individuals do not attempt the things they would like to accomplish. But the only true failure is failure to make the attempt. If you don't try, you gain nothing, and life is too short a thing to waste.

Management needs to establish an environment where failure is acceptable. Failures can either destroy or advance our goals, but it's our response to them that truly determines the outcome. If we are too afraid of failure to try then we will never know if we can improve our situation.

Learn to fail epically. Essentially, if you are going to fail you need to learn to do it epically to allow for reinvention and reprocessing to improve on the concepts of a failed product or service. Figuring out why something failed can teach you how to avoid future failures.

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