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Monday, January 21, 2013

The Benefit of Being Part of a Team

Highly empowered and effective teams are the key to compete in today’s world of high technology processes, six sigma quality and continuous innovation. We all have roles in our organizations but it is the power of teamwork that makes our endeavors successful. It takes everyone working together on a common goal to be successful in Lean. Teams are the engines that deliver successful process improvements.

A team of people can achieve far more than the sum of the total of the individuals skills alone. In business teams can achieve: 

They can generate a wider range of ideas and innovation than individuals; 
They are able to motivate themselves; 
They can bounce ideas off each team member; 
They often take more risks than individuals; 
They have a range of personalities such as workers, thinkers, leaders who contribute the right balance of skills necessary to achieve high performance; 
They support each other and are not just task-orientated; 
They can be a support mechanism which provide mentoring and allow others to grow in self-confidence. 

I used the following video at a company meeting last week to illustrate the benefits of team work.  This funny video is pretty effective at showing it is smarter to work in teams.

If you have individuals with the potential to create a high performing team, just imagine what they could achieve for your sales, productivity or bottom line!

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1 comment:

  1. Very true, Tim. Teams can be valuable in many scenarios and are absolutely critical to success for lean.