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Monday, March 18, 2013

The Key Components of an Effective Coaching-Based Management Style

In a sports environment, a “coach” is someone who trains athletes or athletic teams to achieve their maximum physical performance. In the business world, a “coach” refers to a manager who leads a team of employees, actualizes the professional potential of his or her employees, and achieves a “winning” service or product with his or her team.

The collaborative and engaging style of a "Coach" enables leaders to be a "manager-coach". This approach focuses on developing employees in order to achieve business results rather than managing their every move. The mindset of the manager-coach is to create an environment that fosters learning, independent thinking and opportunities to contribute. The manager-coach doesn't want to be seen as a solution provider. Rather, they want to be seen as a facilitator, paving the way for the employee to achieve their results. Manager-Coaches are a role model for others. They are excellent listeners and communicators, providing perspective and encouragement while also setting high standards and expectations.

An effective coach-manager does the following:
  •  Manages different personality styles effectively
  •  Facilitates employee goal-setting
  •  Creates a motivational environment
  •  Adjusts leadership style to meet employee needs
  •  Gives feedback that is positive and constructive, and seeks such feedback
  •  Rewards and recognizes good performance
  •  Listens with attention and empathy
  •  Sets goals for the department that are short- and long-term
  •  Develops employees
  •  Delegates to improve productivity and employee development
  •  Provides resources for employee success
  •  Empowers employees to solve problems independently
  •  Measures performance of the department and employees within it
  •  Inspires trust and displays trust in others
  •  Maintains confidentiality
  •  Increases visibility of employees in the organization

Teams of emotionally engaged employees deliver customer growth and profitability along with cost-reductions through reduced turnover, absenteeism, theft and safety 2 ½ times greater than disengaged teams. Only teams of top talent can consistently deliver the results you must have in this challenging economy. A coach-based team leader is required to make that happen.

Coach-based management is an organization-wide strategy for turning good managers into great team leaders who will turn your good people into top talent. 

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