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Monday, October 14, 2013

"Everybody Get Lean" - Learn From Mistakes and Miss-Steps!

Riley Sweeney, from Uttana,a Lean training video company sent me a video of great comedic webseries "Everybody Get Lean." The series is a work place comedy about lean programs and everything that can go wrong when people go overboard. They shot a total of four episodes, though only the first one has been released. If it picks up steam then they will be making many more. 

Kaizen is not easy and involves total commitment and total involvement of everyone in the organization. Ultimately, everyone needs to support Kaizen to be sustainable. See and learn how this group of people don't get it and apply Lean and Kaizen in the wrong manner with hilarious consequences! Watch the antics of the Expira office team as they go astray on their Lean journey. But learn from their mistakes and miss-steps! 

Learn how to do Lean the right way at http://uttana.com

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