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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Lean Roundup Edition #55 – December, 2013

A selection of highlighted blog posts from Lean bloggers from the month of December, 2013.  You can also view the previous monthly Lean Roundups here.

Carry the wounded and shoot the stragglers: dealing with cynics and skeptics – Jamie Flinchbaugh discusses how to deal with resistance to change.

What it Takes to Succeed – Bob Emiliani describes what it takes to succeed with Lean.

Leading Lean – Leaders Must Be Teachers – Matt Wrye explains why it is so important for leader to be teachers especially leading Lean transformation.

Lean & Project Management – Gregg Stocker discusses the use of Lean thinking in project management and how to get started.

Lean Leadership: Listening & Humility – Karen Martin explains the importance of listening and humility in business planning and reflection.

Lean Leaders – Lean Logistics writes about the power of teamwork and how to build teams.

Leading Lean - Apply Lean to Your Work – Matt Wyre did a nice 5 piece post sharing learning from a forum on leading Lean like this one on applying it to your work.

Key Principles for a Lean Business System – Jeff Hajek provides some guidelines on developing a successful continuous improvement culture.

Confounded by Reality – Bob Emiliani explains the importance of both research and critical thinking for structured problem solving.

Support of Top Management is Not Sufficient – John Hunter says far too few executives practice management improvement in their own work.

Doin’ the Gemba Strut – Bill Waddell explains what a Gemba Walk is and the purpose leaders to understand the value stream.

Top 3 Pieces of Advice for Lean Implementation – Al Norval shares 3 pieces of advice for implementing Lean in your business.

What does 'right first time' mean in an R&D environment? – Jon Miller explains what getting it right the first time mean in a development environment.

Why Is Lean Important? – Bob Emiliani answers the very common question why is Lean important to businesses.

Perspectives on Standard Work – Michel Baudin writes about the important Lean concept of Standard Work.

Sustaining your Gains: What is a Lean Management System? – Maureen Sullivan shares several key components to a Lean Management System that she has found to work from experience.

Gemba and the Data-Based Organization – Dave Krebs provides 4 guidelines for an effective Gemba walk program.

Guest Post: Book Chapter on VIBCO and “Captain Karl” – Toby LaVigne shares a book chapter he wrote on Vibco and Karl Wadensten.

Lean, Deming, and “Accountability” – Mark Graban shares thought on accountability and responsibility in terms of a Lean culture.

Lessons From the Road: 3 Rules for Equipment Excellence – Jamie Flinchbaugh provides 3 rules equipment excellence in any situation.

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