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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Lean Roundup #65 - October, 2014

A selection of highlighted blog posts from Lean bloggers from the month of October, 2014.  You can also view the previous monthly Lean Roundups here.

Leading Without Respect – Bob Emiliani challenges leaders to lead with respect and to adopt this for your Lean efforts.

Is Your Culture Working the Way You Think it Is? – Johanna Rothman shares a story that describes why people are not empowered just because you cay so.

A summary of mistakes about Lean – Michael Baudin discusses some common mistakes that can cause Lean efforts to fail.

5 Ways to use Technology to Run a More Productive Warehouse – Jerry Matos shares 5 warehouse management processes that can maximize your productivity.

TOYOTA KATA: OBSTACLES ARE NOT ACTION ITEMS – Mark Rosenthal explains that many have it wrong; obstacles are not action items because it is unlikely you will have to deal with all of them.

Kaizen Coaching: Don’t Give People Answers, Let Them Learn – Mark Graban reminds us that “respect for people” is not telling them the answers but supporting them to find them on their own.

Leading the Way with Leading Indicators – Steve Taninecz says the key is to define the behavior based leading indicators, hold them accountable, measure them daily and problem solve and adjust if the behaviors are not being adhered to.

The Lean Starting Line – Jamie Flinchbaugh shares several steps to examine before heading done the Lean path to avoid failure.

The Skinny on Value Stream Management – Bill Waddell explains value stream management in short: Simplicity, Focus, and Speed.

The System Will Produce What It’s Capable of Producing – Simon Guilfoyle explains why targets alone are irrelevant since it doesn’t provide a method for accomplishing goals.

The ”Just Do It” Approach to Strategy Deployment Has Proven to “Just Not Work” – Michael Sinocchi explains that what makes Hoshin Kanri unique and useful is the catch ball process.

To Copy is to Invite Disaster – John Hunter says copying for copying is down right dangerous and the proper course of action depends on the system.

Continuous Improvement of Learning: North East Shingo Conference 2014 – Christina Kach shares wonderful lessons her learning from the recent North East Shingo Conference.

Leadership = di/dt – Bob Emiliani explains that better leadership is a function of better information more quickly which essentially is characterized by flow.

NVLLIVS IN VERBA – Bruce Hamilton says this expression meaning “take nobody’s word for it” draws parallel to objective leadership and what we call Gemba Walks.

Looking ahead or looking down? – Bill Waddell says when there is no vision and there is no strategy, the default strategy becomes ‘cost reduction’; and when the primary goal is cost reduction it is a sure fire sign of senior leadership that spends all its time looking down rather than looking ahead to see where we are going.

Why Leadership and "Respect" Are Fundamentally Entwined – Michael Balle shares 5 distinct point from his book “Lead with Respect.”

Leader Standard Work: Where to Start – Eric Ethington provides 8 key success factors to implementing leader standard work.

Keep It Simple: Value Stream Map at the Gemba – Dave LaHote explains the value in pencil and paper value stream maps.

What is the difference between Visual Management and Visual Control? – Tracey Richardson explains that visual control and visual management are part of a larger cultural infrastructure toward an organization’s growth and sustainability.

Make visual what matters! – Dave Meier says you need to consider the purpose and intention of every visual and ask if it is achieving what you want.

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