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Monday, June 15, 2015

Tell-Tale Signs Your Employer is Focused On Employee Development

It is hard to think of a more important and most neglected management aspect than employee development. Unfortunately, many organizations do not plan properly for the development of their people and teams. People development without proper planning in place normally results in internal and external conflict, which leads to confusion, low productivity, less motivation, and therefore loss in various ways. When the right plan for development is designed based on the employees’ needs, desires, and potential the expected positive outcome will be achieved.

How can you tell your employer is focused on employee development?

  1. They invest in their employees' careers.  One of the things I value as a coach are organizations that value their employees.  Invest in training your executive team on down to entry-level employees with coaching programs, mentoring programs, training programs.  If every organization did this, it would create a completely different and more effective corporate environment.

  1. They trust their people to get the job done.  Working isn't about punching a clock.  Rather, it's about getting high-quality results. Don’t micro-manage your employees otherwise they won’t learn. Autonomy comes from trust and responsibility.

  1. They partner with their employees. Career development focuses on collaboration.  What does it really take to get and stay motivated at work?  Employees, managers and executives need to create the kind of work environment that inspires them to grow.

It is a proven that companies that invest in the continued training and proficiency of their employees enjoy improved performance, lower attrition rates and a greater overall return on their investment. Intellectual capital is now a critical factor for competitive advantage in today's global world. The organizations that recognize the benefits and value of providing continuing training opportunities to employees will be better able to compete in a rapidly changing world.

Providing employees with the tools and resources to do their jobs effectively can make a real difference in employee morale and productivity. The employees of Best Employers state that they have access to the tools, resources, and processes to perform at a much higher rate than employees from average companies. Is it possible to have engaged employees without enabling them? An engaged employee who is not enabled to perform is not likely to stay engaged or stay with the company for long.

Development planning doesn’t have to be elaborate or costly.  At its core it’s mostly a matter of good managers taking the person-to-person time to understand their employees… recognizing their skills and needs… and guiding them to fill in the gaps.   If it’s done well, the payoff can be substantial in terms of long-term loyalty.   If it’s not, the costs can be substantial in terms of long-term talent.

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