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Monday, August 31, 2015

Lean Roundup #75 – August, 2015

A selection of highlighted blog posts from Lean bloggers from the month of August 2015.  You can also view the previous monthly Lean Roundups here.

Model Lines and Model Cells to Start a Lean Transformation Strategy – Mark Graban talks about the underappreciated model line approach to Lean transformation.

I Already Do Lean – Gregg Stocker provides clues for where to begin to drive Lean for those who think they are already Lean.

Using Technology to Improve The Sharing of Knowledge – John Hunter shares a number of ways to share knowledge within your company or community.

PDCA, Fitness Apps, and Using Social Media to Improve Our Health – Tracey Richardson talks about using Lean thinking to improve your health.

Toyota Kata, Kaizen Events and A3 – Mark Rosenthal explains the relationship between “Toyota Kata” and Kaizen Events.

What's Wrong With the Rote Application of Lean Tools? – Michael Baudin says there is more to Lean than tools, they are necessary but not sufficient.

Moving from “Visuals” to “Visual Management” and to Broader Lean Thinking – Mark Graban talks about the keys to visual management.

Leadership Is A Repetitive Job – Bob Emiliani explains why leadership is a process that requires repetition.

Inverting the Golden Rule – Jamie Wilson says that when it comes to our management techniques they need to be optimized toward employees not ourselves.

The Myth of 10,000 Hours – Mark Rosenthal shares a TED video that breaks the basic learning process down to four steps which mirror the structure behind Toyota Kata.

Gemba Walk or Robotic Rounding? – Karen Kendall explains how management should do a true Gemba walk instead of fake management by walking around.

Fred Taylor & the Illusion of Top-Down Control - Part I and Part 2 – Pascal Dennis explains why a top down management approach doesn’t work today.

One Down, 14 To Go – Bob Emiliani says there are 14 more leadership process that must be improved beyond just performance reviews.

Numbers vs. Culture – Bill Waddell reviews a metrics driven management approach to that of a Lean drive approach based on people solving problems in the Gemba.

Data are not taken for museum purposes; they are taken as a basis for doing something. – John Hunter explains that if you collect and review data that isn’t used as the basis for action that is likely wasted effort and maybe should be eliminated.

Respect for Humanity… of Your Boss – Jon Miller says one particular aspect of respect that has been largely overlooked is in the lean discourse is the respect for one’s boss.

Owning Numerical Ignorance – Kevin Meyer discusses why too much number simplification can remove knowledge.

Can You Even Consider Kaizen When the Chart Showing Time and Workload Looks Like this? – Mark Graban talks about how to do kaizen when you workload is variable and or too demanding.

Learning from Mistakes – Paul Levy talks about the importance of learning from mistakes to create foundation of improvement.

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