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Monday, October 12, 2015

Change Brings Opportunity

Change can be a difficult thing. People commonly resist change and I am no different however change is inevitable. It can be stressful especially when it is unknown and uncertain.

However, change is necessary for growth. While it may be very comfortable to stay in a place of familiarity, we will never grow into the person we would like to be if we are unwilling to move beyond what is comfortable.  Many people become complacent because the common notion is that change is bad. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Change can be very healthy and liberating. How we respond to change is a function of our mindset. Change your mind, change your outlook.

Change takes courage and commitment. Courage means trusting yourself to overcome your fears and doing what you are afraid to do. Courage increases conviction and inspires others to confront their fears.

After 4 years in a quality management role change is coming personally.  My telecom company is closing my factory and outsourcing manufacturing so I am moving on. I am excited and anxious to be starting a Lean Manufacturing role in well-known company.

This change brings new opportunities, new people, and a new perspective. It is a chance to rejuvenate my passion and purpose. This is an exciting opportunity to get back on the factory floor helping others improve their work to keep manufacturing in the US. After a period of time working from the customer value view point you can see the impact of our actions directly.

There won’t be many changes on the blog as a result. I will still continue to talk about leadership, continuous improvement, and quality. They remain vital aspects of all businesses and frankly a common source of opportunity.

Change is good. It leads to opportunities. Those opportunities represent progress. Keep moving forward.

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