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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Lean Roundup #82 – March, 2016

A selection of highlighted blog posts from Lean bloggers from the month of March, 2016.  You can also view the previous monthly Lean Roundups here.

Ten Posts for Ten Shingo Principles – Bruce Hamilton shares 10 posts from his archive on the 10 guiding principles of the shingo prize that you’ll find informational.

5 Psychological Factors affecting 5S Implementation in Office – Vivek Naik shares his perspective on the behavior of people you are trying to engage in continuous improvement.

When Lean Fails: The Common Causes – Gregg Stocker shares 5 causes from experience that are the most destructive and the most difficult to resolve when transforming to a Lean organization.

You can't spell "challenge" without "change"! – Tracey Richardson says we often have to challenge the status quo and build upon that tribal knowledge we have gained to create new and better ways we all can align with.

The Fog of Waste – Jon Miller shares a story that illustrates the difficulty of leaders and workers to say why didn’t we do this (lean) earlier.

Seek to Improve How You Learn, Don’t Just Accept That You Can’t Do Better – John Hunter says companies would be wise to put more effort into helping people learn better.

Lean Means Pain: Dispelling the Myths – Pete Abilla describes what the Lean approach is really all about.

Sorry, But Lean Is About Cost Reduction... – Michel Baudin discusses Lean’s purpose of cost reduction or value maximization.

Transforming the Energy in your Lean System - Patricia Kramer says one of the objectives of Lean coaching is to continue to move the energy to a positive state.

Lean Transformation Failure Analysis – Bob Emiliani says the ubiquity of Fake Lean informs us that there are significant defects in the Lean transformation process that contribute to failure.

Positively Shaping Organizational Culture through Strategy Deployment - Aaron Fausz says an often overlooked factor that can contribute significantly to a positive organizational culture is how strategy is deployed throughout an organization. 

True North Can Really Be “Management by Results” in Disguise - Mike Stoecklein describes understanding and managing toward True North is not the same as management by results.

Collaboration Does NOT Equal Consensus – Matt Wrye explains that good leaders know the difference between collaboration and consensus and when consensus is important.

The Loneliness of the Small Business Owner – Pascal Dennis shares some lessons from the obstacles that small business owners face.

Cultural Barriers Companies Face When Trying to Strengthen a Culture of Quality - James Lawther gives you a handful of examples, a belief, an alternative view, and a piece of evidence to barriers of building a quality culture.

Why Vanity Metrics are Dangerous: Holding a Mirror Up to Your Measures of Success - Julia Wester discusses the dangers of vanity metrics, and present a quick test you can to do to evaluate your own success measures.

Poka-Yoke: Is Mistake Proofing a Reality? – Pete Abilla shares 7 crucial steps for implementing mistake proofing.

Coaching in Sports and at Work – Jon Miller describes differences between sports teams and business teams to consider if we want our managers to be successful coaches.

The Biggest “Bang for Your Lean Buck?” Respecting Your People - Paul Critchley talks about respecting people and how leaders can do so.

Evolving Out of Need – Bob Emiliani talks about the next generation of Lean where he says persons and organizations promoting Lean cannot be more important than Lean management itself or the Lean movement.

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