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Monday, July 3, 2017

Lean Roundup #97 – June, 2017

A selection of highlighted blog posts from Lean bloggers from the month of June, 2017.  You can also view the previous monthly Lean Roundups here.

Tips on Change Management – Mark Graban and other Lean practitioners share thoughts on change management.

The Final Frontier – Bruce Hamilton wonders how much Lean progress would be made if space were seen as a constraint for business as it was for NASA’s Mercury launch.

Think Big, Change Small – Mark Rosenthal talks about the process of culture change advocating the approach in the name of the title of this post.

People Bottlenecks – Jamie Flinchbaugh asks are you using your people to make other people better to eliminate your human bottlenecks in productive ways?

Not All Improvement Ideas Require “Projects” – Mark Graban discusses an “idea card” which a classic example of what’s used to facilitate small Kaizen… the types of improvements that are too small to be labeled “projects.”

7 Things Coaches Need to Get Over – Mike Orzen shares some common misperceptions about coaching effective problem solving skills and developing lean thinking.

How To Design an Obeya For Lean Performance Management – Mike Pedro lists of some essential practices that manufacturers should be sure to follow when designing an Obeya for their factory.

From Observation To Knowledge – Michel Baudin says observing is not enough to know, and not all knowledge requires observation however scientific and technical knowledge does.

Kaizen & Changing the Way People Think – Gregg Stocker shares questions that can help to start the change in thinking that will lead to more effective learning and better problem-solving.

Learning Starts With “I Don’t Know” – Mark Rosenthal says learning starts when organizations are comfortable with not having all of the answers.

Lean is a System – Pascal Dennis says losing sight of our core principles and purpose is a clear & present danger, perhaps the biggest one facing the ‘Lean movement’.

The Simple Leader: Standard Work – Kevin Meyer discusses standard work and leader standard work and how it can be used for improvement.

Don’t Gamble with your Company’s Culture – Lori Fry says as companies grow and (in the absence of process) focus turns to individual performance as a way to “get things done” – culture will suffer.

Lean Tools: Gemba Walk Is All About Quality – Pete Abilia alleviates confusion around Lean tools and the practice of a Gemba walk.

Get the Facts – Ron Pereira focuses on an extremely important aspect of TWI’s job relation – getting the facts.

Lean is a Floor – Jon Miller explains how the Lean house is built on stability, standard work and continuous improvement which starts at the floors and builds upwards.

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