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Monday, September 11, 2017

Leading with Lollipops

There is a great video by Drew Dudley called Leading with Lollipops that quickly and expertly explains how you can make a difference in other people’s lives without even knowing it.

Drew Dudley investigates everyday leadership in this compelling talk. So many times, people celebrate leadership for things that nobody else has done — groundbreaking, life-changing actions.  Unfortunately, this tends to devalue everyday instances of leadership. Dudley encourages listeners to redefine leadership to when they change somebody's understanding of how powerful and important they are. 

I hope you enjoyed Drew’s video as much as I did. Drew and I think alike about leadership and making a difference – and he explains it well.

How did you answer the questions Drew asked in this video?
  • Are you completely comfortable with calling yourself a leader?
  • Do you have to change the world to be called a leader?
  • What is it that you must do, be, or have to be called a leader?
Who is a Leader?


Why do I say everyone is a leader? Because each of us influence/lead people every day. Our actions impact/lead other people whether we think so or not. Our actions affect the people around us for better or worse. Just by being you, you are leading someone by example.

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