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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

9 People Management Tips That Will Make You a Better Manager

People management is an art that needs to be understood by everybody especially CEOs and managers and people in leadership or position of authority. It is centered on developing and organizing people to achieve a goal. But much more, to be happy to do what they are doing rather than appearing to be forced into doing it. There are a number of people management tips that are helpful. They include:

1.     Good communication skill
Communication is undoubtedly an important part of people’s management. Your communication skill is your ability to pass a message in simple, clear terms and be understood by all your recipients. It also involves your ability to persuade people, get along with them, and make them listen to the ideas you’re passing across. 
As a manager, you would need to be in constant communication with the people you work with and you definitely would not have the luxury of time to talk for so long. So, being able to communicate effectively and concisely is important.

2.     Listening skill
As a leader, the ability to listen is something you must do maximally. As a matter of fact, you should do more listening than talking. It is important that you take your time to listen to your employees. It helps you to know what they think and how they feel. It also makes you approachable and easier to trust. Listening to your employees also gives you an idea of how satisfied they really are, what their pain points are and what to improve to help you work better.

3.     Empathy
Empathy is a person’s ability to share in and understand the feelings of others. It basically is showing other people’s compassion. We all go through rough times in our lives and it is important as a boss to be able to empathize with their situation and cut them some slack. This does not mean you are permitting them to lose their productivity, but it just means you treat them a little differently and maybe especially. It might mean accommodating their excesses and helping them through that period. As a manager, you want to make life easier for all your employees.

4.       Good judgment
Every manager with a good judgment has a fundamental understanding of what is going on around them. They also listen to the people around them, they learn from the information that they get around them and use it accordingly to make the right judgment. Every good judgment requires getting information with your sensory signal usually called the ‘gut feeling’. There is a time when you get a gut feeling about something but you really cannot explain it. Making your decision based on that feeling is right most of the time.

5.     Be open-minded
Having an open mind is simply based on an understanding of the fact that you know as a leader, you really might not have the solutions to all the problems. It could also be you know that your way or your idea might not be the best solution to the situation on the ground. So you are open to ideas and suggestions from the people that work with you. This fosters inclusiveness at your work and makes your employees feel valued because you are willing to take their suggestions in and use it if it is the best available for the situation at hand.  This creates respect and trust within your team and a willingness to participate.

6.     Patience
Patience is one skill that you definitely need in your daily interaction with people, not to mention your employees, people that you need to be productive for the growth of your business. This skill is something you might think you really have until things really go sideways. However, it is someone you definitely must develop as a leader. Not all of the people you manage will work at their best at all times. You have to be patient with them and not always lose your temper on them. Irrespective of what the situation is, you should always try to keep a level head.

7.     Approachability
Every manager will at some point need to help their employees deal with certain situations, solve some problems or give guidance. It is important as a leader that you are approachable. Being approachable means that people can easily walk up to you to talk to you about anything without being scared of what your reaction will be. You have to build your relationship with your employees or people under you to the point that they trust you and are able to approach you and talk to you about anything. Even things about their private lives, beyond just daily work sometimes.

8.     Honesty and accountability
These are two individual traits but they seem to work together. When you head a team, you must ensure that you are open and honest with them. This attracts a similar reaction from them. Accountability is just about the same thing. It means you are responsible for your work and for the people around you. This trait also attracts a similar reaction. As a leader and manager, you are a role model, an example for your employees and people around you to follow. They see what you do. So it is in you and your organization’s interest to be honest and accountable with your team members.

9.     Positivity
If you want to succeed in whatever you’re doing, you need to be positive about it. Positivity reflects in everything that you do. It is also a driving force for you to achieve your goal, (while too much of) negativity drags you backward. One thing about positivity is that it is contagious, and so is negativity though, so, if you want to see your employees or team members being positive about what they are doing, you should show that positivity first. When the people you lead see that you have a positive mindset towards what you are doing and you are very optimistic, they adopt the same approach to work, both consciously and unconsciously. 

Being a manager is about getting people to work together to achieve a goal. It means you are the team leader and you have to lead yourself first to lead others effectively. Raise the bar, set the standards high for yourself, do not settle for anything less than the best, and watch your followers do well. 

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