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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Keeping Employees Motivated: 5 Essential Tips

Employees are the lifeblood of any company or business. Therefore, they need ‘VIP’ treatment so that they can go about their duties with dedication. As a boss, one of the greatest achievements you can hone is to have most, if not all, of your employees on your side. Employee motivation is an integral part of performance and excellence for a business or company. No magic can replace the efforts your staff put in the company, as they are the centerpiece of the organization. Their attitude and diligence in duty ensure that everything flows daily.

For these reasons and more, employees have the power to make or break a business or company. It does not matter if you yell at them and give them ultimatums. If they lack the motivation to work, you will only be flogging a dead horse. Therefore, instead of wasting your time, as it is valuable, why don't you use it to increase their motivation? Maybe, you do not have a clue on how to go about this fete. Luckily, we did in-depth research to come up with the following five solid tips to keep your employees motivated. Feel free to apply them in your daily discourse with employees and try to change their mentality and general perspective.

1.     Be their support always

In most cases, employees only seek a boss that can double up as their shoulder to lean on, when they feel disturbed or have different issues. Ask yourself, am I supportive of my employees as a boss?

Leadership and, proper leadership for that matter, is one of the vital ingredients of employee motivation. When you work closely with your staff while encouraging them in their duties, you prove to them how supportive you are as a boss. This way, they will not want to let you down.

Always try to be sympathetic whenever they share things that concern their work or even personal life. Knowing that they can count on you or have a listening ear is vital to their motivation working for the company. The kind of support you give to your staff has a significant influence on how the employees see themselves and the company in general.

Just the same way a little kid would expect you to lend him or her listening and sympathetic ear is the same manner your employees need you to do behave.

2.     Set the right example

How would you even call yourself a leader if you do not lead by example? It would be best if you were an icon that your employees look up to when working in the company. Yes, you are the boss. However, this does not give you the license to act like a jerk. Remember, most employees will do as you do and, not as you say.

What you show is very important to your staff. You might think that giving orders in the comfort of your office while swinging on your swivel chair is the perfect idea of a boss. The only problem is that you are shooting yourself on foot. This is only creating rebellion and animosity if anything. When you go to the office and practice something you have been preaching to your staff, they will be more than willing to emulate your actions. You might be shocked by how much your employees will be motivated when you lead from the frontline.

3.     Define the goals, vision, and mission of the organization

It is quite challenging to focus when you do not even have a clue on what you are focusing on. Let us take an example of a journey. Will you boldly travel to an unknown destination when someone randomly selects you for the fete? Of course, you will have your doubts and reservations and will feel less motivated to work.

Conversely, your employees need to know what they are working towards and, this is clear in a vision or mission statement. Therefore, you need to let your staff know about the organization’s goals, mission, and visions. This way, they will put their dedication and hard work towards achieving this milestone. Motivation lies in your ability to convince your employees what targets the company has and how everyone can work together to achieve them.

You need to make sure every staff member understands his or her role in this journey. Therefore, you need to divide tasks and labor so that everyone has their part to play. If possible, place them in different teams with their distinct roles. Positive teamwork and energy will motivate each one.

4.     Try to ensure the general mood and happiness in the company is intact

Are you a friendly boss? If not, do you know that not being one can affect the general feeling of your employees? Nothing breaks employees' motivation, like having an uncaring boss. This is especially the case when you make no effort to improve the general mood of the staff. You do not have to do much to enhance the mood of your team. Sometimes it is all about the little motivating factors, which make your team energetic and ready to serve the company.

Try rewarding employees, for instance. Whenever they reach or exceed the company's expectations, please give them a reward that motivates them to do more. It can be in any form, depending on what the company can afford. You can promote him or her, organize a trip, or give them a raise in remuneration. Anything that can get the individual motivated.

5.     Create an ideal work environment

Ask yourself, do the employees feel motivated to come to work every morning? Moreover, if not, does the work environment have anything to do with a lack of motivation? In most cases, your staff will feel less motivated to report to work when the work environment is negative.

Employees spend most of their hours daily in the office. Imagine all of these hours seated in a negative environment. Would you feel motivated to work with all of your dedication? Make the workplace an ideal area for staff to work. Make sure that they always feel motivated to come over to the office daily.


In summary, we hope that the tips above will help you motivate your employees. Most of them are easy to follow and will not cost you much. Try them today and notice the difference.

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