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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Lean Roundup #145 – June 2021

A selection of highlighted blog posts from Lean bloggers from the month of June 2021.  You can also view the previous monthly Lean Roundups here.

Improvement Begins with I – Bruce Hamilton explains the attitude or condition for the kaizen spirit to develop.

How to Lead From Any Level In the Organization – John Hunter answers how anyone can, no matter their role or authority level, create value and shape their influence so that the company can amplify positive results.

Applying the Improvement Kata to the Process of Leadership – Mark Rosenthal talks about some of the challenges change agents face when trying to influence how people respond to challenges and interact with one another.

What is a Team? – Pascal Dennis described some of the more visible and invisible aspects of teamwork.

The History of PDSA, PDCA, and Dr. Deming – Jamie Flinchbaugh shares a couple of takeaways of Ron Moen’s article Foundation and History of the PDSA Cycle.

How to Think Long Term – Jon Miller discusses why it seems so hard to make decisions that are in the good of the long term.

Leadership tip #9: See & Stop Micromanagement—Learn to Trust Instead – Johanna Rothman talks about the pitfalls and challenges surrounding micromanagement and why to extend trust instead.

Amin Elhassan: It’s Not Enough to Be Right, How You Communicate Matters More – Mark Graban shares a story from Amin Elhassan, a former NBA executive about instead of trying to gain “buy in” after developing a solution, it's better to engage others in developing the solution with you.

Are You Creating the Right Environment? – Josh Howell explains why “Creating the Right Environment” is a strategic imperative for the company.

Purpose, Process, People - James P. Womack says taking stock of any lean work without examining your purpose--as well as your processes and your people--will never lead to meaningful success.

Ask Art: What Do You Look At in a "Pre-lean" Company? – Art Byrne share with you the key elements to focus on from decades of acquisition evaluation experience.

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