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Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Speaking at the Northeast Lean Conference

If you are looking for a conference this fall in the northeast consider the Northeast Lean ConferenceJoin us this September when together, we will learn from organizations and thought leaders how to avoid the traps that inhibit collaboration.

While most organizations who aspire to enterprise excellence are thwarted at every turn by constraints, there are leaders who use teamwork to exponentially amplify the continuous improvements of every individual in the organization: Through what we call "the collaboration effect", one perspective is replaced by many, and good ideas develop further into incredible ideas.

I'll be speaking with a colleague of mine about collaboration as key enabler of innovation. Here is the abstract:

The past 24 months have felt like a series of massive disruptions, one after the other, yet some companies have emerged stronger because they were able to use the disruption as an opportunity to innovate. While technology has been a key enabler of this innovation, organizational change will have long-lasting impact on which companies will maintain competitive advantage.

One key to innovation in the face of disruption is the use of cross-functional collaborative teams. These teams drive innovation through visual project management (VPM) by increasing the ability of the organization to understand the status and risk to address challenges more rapidly and efficiently.

VPM projects are traditionally housed in a physical project “war-room” (also known as an “Obeya room”). COVID-19, and the global footprint of staff necessitate a virtual solution for our Obeya rooms. iObeya is a unique solution that virtualizes project rooms enables visual collaboration anywhere in real-time from any device and immerses users in a natural working experience by reproducing physical interactions perfectly.

In this session, we will share Mirion’s approach to bringing proven lean manufacturing concepts from the factory to our new product development process by enabling cross-functional collaboration.   

​It’s hard to argue with the ideal of everyone working together to achieve a common purpose, but true collaboration is a catalyst seen in very few organizations; we call it the Collaboration Effect.  Respect for people and human development cannot be truly realized without it; and business results, too, will be limited. 

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