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Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Autumn is the Season for Reflection and Gratitude

A new season greets us. Fall has arrived, and with it comes crisper air, warm sweaters and blankets, and natural beauty. For me there is a special magic in this season.

Leaves begin to burn into an explosive palette of colors, a crisp and cold air is blowing, the days are shortening, pumpkins are appearing announcing Halloween.

Symbolically, Autumn is a time for reflection and gratitude.  It's time to slow down and remember where we are coming from and where we're going.  It is time to reap what we sowed in the spring and time to commit to new projects.

Autumn leaves remind us to slow down and enjoy the life going on around us, right this moment. It’s a time to reflect

As leaders, we spend a great deal of our time looking for the right results – planning, measuring, and refining.

Again, these are often all necessary essentials if we are going to be effective in our roles. However, these results are not the goal of true leadership. They are simply the by-product of the true goal – helping people grow.

Autumn, and the measured slowness it brings, naturally creates an opportunity for us to simmer down, hit pause, and actually relate to our teams. It’s a time to remind ourselves that they are the resource, not the vehicle used to produce the resource.

Take time to interact with your people, all without agenda or expectation. Invest time in deepening your knowledge and understanding of who they are, what their hopes and dreams might be, and how you can help them become the people they were always meant to be.

Regular periods of self-reflection help leaders ensure they’re headed in the right direction with regard to engaging their teams, making progress on their own leadership development, and creating a legacy that is sustainable over the long-term.

Whether you are in a leadership role, an aspiring leader or you just want to be your best in work and life, the habit of reflection can build self-awareness, efficacy, and resilience. If done with purpose and intention, it can help you establish and achieve more meaningful goals and prepare for the new year ahead.

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