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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Lean Roundup #160 – September 2022

A selection of highlighted blog posts from Lean bloggers from the month of September 2022.  You can also view the previous monthly Lean Roundups here. 


Rethinking Strategy – Bob Emiliani shares new book Wheel of Fortune about  learning how to improve the process of developing business strategy, executing business strategy, and learning from strategy failure.


Robot Day – Bruce Hamilton talks about all thing AI and how it related to continuous improvement and elimination of waste or not.


How The Project Charter Evolves – John Knotts explains that a Project Charter should not be created and then tucked away inside of a filing cabinet or drawer but needs to evolve with the team.


A Simple Plan for Starting Your Lean Journey – Steve Kane shares 4 steps to point you in the right direction to get started by focusing on fundamentals.


The 7 Cs: Characteristics of a Leader to Create a Chain of Learning – Katie Anderson looks at the 7Cs of impactful leadership allowing you to approach problem-solving – and achieving needed outcomes while developing people –  in the most intentional way possible.


This is NOT Lean: Lean Staffing – Christopher Roser explains that “lean staffing” is actually not a lean thing and does not show respect for people.


A Mystery Solved! That Photo I Use to Talk About Standardized Work and Workarounds – Mark Graban discusses standardized work and the many workarounds people create.


10 Tips for Getting the Most Value from Value-Stream Mapping - Judy Worth shares 10 key things to keep in mind for ensuring your organization reaps the performance gains it can deliver — including improvements in performance and teamwork.


How Purpose Shapes Culture – Richard Sheridan reflects on the struggles and rewards of building a leadership culture that elevates human energy.


Why Coaching is a Core Skill of a Lean Leader – John Shook says if "learning by doing" at the gemba is the best way to learn lean thinking and practices (and it is), coaching is THE skill leaders need to enable more effective, more efficient learning.


Expanding the Purpose of Catchball – Josh Howell explains how catchball helps get the job done while building capability simultaneously.


The lean answer to uncertainty - Michael Ballé says in the face of uncertainty, when it’s hard to see the road ahead, we can still make things better day after day by embracing kaizen – until we are out of the woods.

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