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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Top 10 Lean Facebook Pages

With 450 million users globally (and millions more being added each week) Facebook is dominating the web in unparalleled ways. Facebook has eclipsed Amazon, Walmart, Netflix and even Google as the foremost brand name in web searches from U.S. users, according to research from Hitwise.  It was the most visited site on the web for the week ending on March 13, 2010, surpassing even Google in week-long stats for the first time in history.  Facebook claims that half of its user login each day and the average user spends about an hour on Facebook.

In honor of these recent achievements I thought I would highlight my top 10 Lean Facebook fan pages, in alphabetical order: 

A Lean Journey – This is the facebook site of A Lean Journey Blog, published by yours truly. This site is dedicated to sharing lessons and experiences along the lean journey in the Quest for True North. The blog also serves as the source for learning and reflection which are critical elements in Lean Thinking. 

AME Connect - AMEConnect is the official fan page for the Association of Manufacturing Excellence.  The website is designed to provide members with the ability to find industry experts, distribute topic-based information in a collaborative format, and empower online communities to work more effectively together. 

K-Dub's Lean Nation Radio Show – This is the fan site for The Lean Nation Radio show hosted by Karl Wadensten on 790 AM in Providence, RI. Get real world examples and actionable advice from local and national business leaders on how to reinvent yourself into a lean operation (in business and in life). This collaborative, interactive show will share best practices and tips to remove waste and cost from your work and life.  

Lean Blog – The fan page of Lean Blog, published by Mark Graban.  Check out this site for discussion about the lean methodology in factories, hospitals, and the world around us.

Lean Enterprise Institute - The Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI) is the official Facebook page of LEI.  It helps companies transform themselves into lean enterprises, based on the principles of the Toyota Business System.  

Lean For Everyone: Simplify your business and your life! - Lean For Everyone is the fan page published by blogger John Wetzel.  Lean for Everyone is about making your business, work and life easier by finding simpler ways to accomplish your daily tasks. 

Lean Learning Center Jamie Flinchbaugh of The Lean Learning Center manages this Facebook page.  The Lean Learning Center helps individuals and companies with successful lean transformation through education, coaching, strategy, application, and products. 

The Lean Way Consulting – This site is the creation of Ankit Patel from The Lean Way Consulting Blog.  The focus is on improving companies by changing the culture and the processes. 

The Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence – This is the official Facebook site of The Shingo Prize.  The mission of The Shingo Prize is to create excellence in organizations through the application of universal, self-evident principles of operational excellence and the alignment of management systems and improvement techniques throughout an entire organization. 

Value Stream Leadership - This is Facebook fan page of the Value Stream Leadership by Jim Baran and Kristi Boyer. VSL is the first firm to create a solution that fuses the hiring of Lean talent to lean engagement.  

So if you are one of the over 225 Million on Facebook daily you may want to spend part of your hour online staying informed of all things Lean by becoming a fan to these great sites.

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