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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Exciting News from A Lean Journey!

I will be a guest on the world famous The Lean Nation radio show Thursday, April 15 from 4-5pm (ET) on 790 AM Talk and Business, hosted by Karl Wadensten.  We're going to discuss what it means to lead in a lean environment, specifically frontline leadership.  This is an important topic and I'm looking forward to sharing my insights on air to a wide audience of business leaders and change agents.

You can listen to my appearance live on 790AM (Citadel Broadcasting, ABC Affiliate) in Providence, RI.  The show is also globally available via a live audio stream at 790business.com.    I would love to hear your opinions and answer your questions, so feel free to call in to the show.  The call-in number is 401-437-5000 or toll free at 888-345-0790.

Can't tune in live?  The podcast will be available after the show!

The Lean Nation is the hottest new show on 790AM and airs from 4-5pm, weekdays and streams online at 790business.com.  The Lean Nation features real world examples and actionable advice from local and national business leaders on how to reinvent yourself into a lean operation in business and in life.  The show's host, Karl Wadensten, is the president of VIBCO, a Rhode Island manufacturing company. Over the last 3 years VIBCO has created a Lean Revolution, using lean methodologies (based on the Toyota Production System).  I am looking forward to the opportunity to visit the Gemba at VIBCO prior to the show.

Under Karl's leadership, VIBCO is now a high performing business culture where lead times for over 1,300 SKUs have dropped from 4-6 weeks to "same day, next day", inventory has been reduced by more than 50%, over 10,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing floor space is now freed up to accept future growth, and sales are well above industry trends.  These impressive improvements are the result of a workforce that is empowered to improve every day and understands the power of Lean Thinking. 

Listen to The Lean Nation to learn how you can get similar results in your business and learn about lean leadership!


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