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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lean Roundup #14 – July, 2010

Selected highlights from the Lean Blog Community from the month of July, 2010.

Put Away the Stopwatch – Evan Durant gives some pointers on how to take time observations.

Lean Metric: Waste Elimination Effectiveness – Mark Hamel reviews a metric around identifying, acknowledging, and eliminating waste.

Starting Lean Not from the Top – Lee Fried shares his story of transformation which doesn't start at the top but rather in the middle.

Rube Goldberg Leadership: Waste and Value – David Kasprzak explains the 7 wastes of leadership and how you can add value.

How to Overcome 24 Common Lean Excuses – Jeff Hajek talks about various reasons people resist change and how to overcome them.

How do you teach people improvement? – Dragan Bosnjak writes about how teach improvement from one generation to another.

Hierarchy of Lean Business Needs – Ankit Patel explains that while many companies jump to productivity in fact communication, trust, and alignment are the building blocks to reach productivity.

Management Trumps Culture Every Time – Bill Waddell writes of the BP disaster in terms how the management system failed driven by poor performance measures.

Process Improvement: Red is not necessarily bad and Green is not always good – John Wetzel reminds us to challenge status because great gains can be made from everything is okay.

Technology Supporting a Process – Matt Wrye talks about the fact that technology should support a process and not the other way around.

Do 'Quick Wins' Hurt Lean Initiatives? – Glenn Whitfield explains the danger of quick wins and why management needs to slow down to understand lean.

Building on Successful Improvement – John Hunter continues Glenn's discussion on Quick Wins with advice on how to build on these wins to really learn lean.

Forget SMART Goals-Do you have DUMB Goals? – Jamie Flinchbuagh explains some mistakes to avoid when formulating goals so they don't become dumb goals.

The Evolution of Lean – Mike Rother talks about the evolution of lean thinking and it's definition.

The Seven Wastes of Human Resources (HR) – Jim Baran explains the 7 wastes within the HR processes.

Lean Culture is about "How" – Pete Abilla says the Lean Culture is about how we go about things and the attitude and the mindset by which we do things.

The Hidden Gold on the Frontlines – Andy Brophy writes about an idea management system being more than just cost cutting.

The Importance of the Storefront in Lean Manufacturing – Jon Miller defines a storefront as a customer – producer interface and shares 3 examples in Lean manufacturing.

Leadership - The Hidden Opportunity – Productivity Inc. writes an insightful piece on Leadership and the importance of communication.

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  1. I really appreciate your Lean Roundup each month. Thanks for taking the time to put it together.

  2. Hi Tim,

    Thanks for including me. It's great to be able to see so many top posts at a glance.

  3. Tim,

    Thanks for including my post. It's an honor to be listed among such notable lean thinkers.