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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lean Roundup #15 – August, 2010

Selected highlights from the Lean Blog Community from the month of August, 2010.

My Personal Spin on PDCA – Steve Martin explains PDCA with the acronym SPIN for Sketch, Play, Inquire, and Nourish.

Establish a War Room (Obeya) – 2 Lean Principals explains the reason behind creating war rooms is for improving communication.

How to Design Poor Service - Expect 100% Utilization of People or Resources – Mark Graban shares some thoughts on why 100% utilization leads to waiting and poor service.

Fire at Will! – Brian Buck explains the dangers of the burning bridge approach for change instead of alignment.

How To Manage What You Can't Measure – John Hunter has a great piece on management and measures based on Deming's ideas.

Clear and Relevant Metrics – Matt Wrye looks at two characteristics that result in successful metrics that drive improvement.

Suggested Change to Job Instruction – Bryan Lund suggests introducing the Training Matrix before the Job Breakdowns to encourage challenging the training.

Build an Environment where Intrinsic Motivation Flourishes – John Hunter talks about building a culture with respect for people and build joy in work.

How to Motivate Front Line Workers – Jon Miller answers the common question of motivating employees but from the environmental factors of a grass roots movement.

What is Leadership Commitment? – Mark Rosenthal answers the popular question of commitment in terms of willingness to learn.

Saturday Afternoon with Captain Karl's Lean Nation – Karen Wilhelm in a post which is part summary of Lean Nation's recent shows and part editorial on learning from podcast is enlightening.

The Smarter Company – Gregg Stocker explains what sets some companies apart from others and how to be better at it.

Your Own Worst Enemy– Jamie Flinchbaugh illustrates what happens to change when change agents have to decide to hang on or let go of control.

In Defense of Kaizen Events – Mike Wroblewski compares Lean Kaizen events to that of the nourishment of babies with milk.

Be The Change – Maureen Sullivan explains the change cycle with a real example from a frontline leader in healthcare.

The Stranded Manager: A Lesson in Working With People – David Kasprzak shares two typical employee stereotypes and which one is helpful in improvement.

Developing Leader Standard Work- Five Important Steps – Mark Hamels says 5 steps will get you a long way on developing standard work: 1) walking, 2) questioning, 3) working, 4) testing, and 5) adjusting.

Teach Everyone the Business – Lee Fried shares a story on the importance of educating employees about the financial health of the business.

How I Sustain and Clean PC Desktop – Ron Pereira uses Lean Thinking to clean up an messy desktop.

Choosing Online Collaboration Tools for Teams– Karen Wilhelm summarizes a discussion on LinkedIn about online collaboration tools.

To Shingo or Not to Shingo – Kevin Meyer continues a discussion on the Shingo Prize and the worthiness of its prize criteria.

Getting to the Root Cause– Dan Markovitz shares a story on root cause analysis by the National Park Service and the relates that to the increasing waste in your inbox.

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