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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lean Fulfillment Stream Webinar

In a recent post I reviewed the most recent publication from Lean Enterprise Institute entitled Building a Lean Fulfillment Stream by Robert Martichenko and Kevin von Grabe.  

Building a Lean Fulfillment Stream

My summary of the book included:

Building a Lean Fulfillment Stream is a much needed and very complementary addition to the LEI workbook series. The workbook is easy to read with lots of illustrations and examples. It highlights a number of supply chain strategies that Lean organizations will want to understand. This is a good place to start for those lean leaders getting ready to tackle improvements in their supply chain. I recommend adding this book to your Lean library today.

Now the Lean Enterprise Institute is offering a free webinar by the authors of this book called Lean Logistics and Supply Chain Networks: 8 Guiding Principles. This is a proven method for applying lean principles to supply chains and logistics that turns them into smoothly flowing "fulfillment streams" while reducing the total cost of fulfillment.

Robert Martichenko and Kevin von Grabe at logistics provider LeanCor have identified eight guiding principles for lean fulfillment:

1. Eliminate waste in the fulfillment stream so that only value remains. (The types of waste are defects or correction, overproduction, waiting, not engaging employees, transportation, inventory, motion, and excessive processing.)
2. Make customer consumption visible to all members of the fulfillment stream.
3. Reduce inbound and outbound logistics lead time.
4. Create level flow
5. Use pull systems.
6. Increase velocity and reduce variation.
7. Collaborate and use process discipline.
8. Focus on total cost of fulfillment.

Robert and Kevin will explain how each guiding principle plays a critical role in creating a lean fulfillment stream during this free webinar on Thursday, Oct. 14, at 2 p.m. (Eastern).

You can also find more information on lean logistics from  LeanCor's  The Lean Logistics Blog.  This blog is place to discuss lean logistics and lean supply chain best practices, industry thought leadership, and continuous improvement.  It is written by LeanCor in-house and on-site lean logistics managers, engineers and consultants, this blog contains lean tools, tips, and tricks from lean practitioners doing the work every day.

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