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Monday, January 3, 2011

Lean Roundup #19 – December, 2010

 A selection of highlighted blog posts from Lean bloggers from the month of December, 2010.  You can also view the previous monthly Lean Roundups here.

Don't Treat People Like You Want To Be Treated – John Hunter reminds us that people are different you need to treat them how they want to be treated.

Lean Goal Setting – Christian Paulsen explains 5 necessary step to set goal in your Lean organization.

En route to True North – Paul Levy shares some thought on True North, a key lean concept.

Five Things to Consider on a Gemba Walk – Productivity Inc writes about some things to look for when doing a Gemba walk in your facility.

Profit is Inevitable – Bill Waddell shares the thought that profit come from providing value, doing a good job.

7 Ways to Keep Kaizen Going After Years of Progress – Jon Miller gives seven strategies to keep kaizen going after you may plateau or progress slows.

12 Predictions about Lean in 2011 – Jeff Hajek shares his thought on the future of Lean and business in 2011.

Want a Kaizen Culture?  Take your Vitamin C! – Mark Hamel explains three critical components needed for the formation of effective culture change.

Don't Guess, Assess! Easy Way to Help with Change – Liz Guthridge shares 3 assessment tools that help you make the change in your organization easier.

How to get a New Management Strategy, Tool or Concept Adopted and Building Adoption of Management Improvement Ideas in Your Organization – John Hunter  provides some practical advice on how to get people on board with the new.

Monday Morning Message on Lean - 5s & the Workbench -December 13, 2010 – Tony Manos talks about the power of sort and the ability of operators to be able to see things in a new way.

Self-interruptions: The Sneaky, Silent Killer – Dan Markovitz talks about another productivity killer and that is self-inflicted interruptions and how to deal with them.

Is it Better to Do Something or Do Nothing? – Evan Durant says a leader's challenge lies in being both enthusiastic driver of change and admonisher of patience and caution.

Why I Hate Shadowboards – Jeff Hajek explains why just putting up a shadow board can be full of muda.

PDCA of the Month: Knowledge Waste – JC Gatlin shares a case study on improving the 8th waste – knowledge.

Toyota's Workplace Safety Philosophy is part of Sustainability – Karen Wilhelm explains Toyota's approach to safety and sustainability.

The lean Learning Cycle – Christian Paulsen explains the learning process from the basis of the Deming PDCA cycle.

Big Ten  Fundamental 1: Attitude – Ron Pereira talks about attitude a great piece that makes you think about the important of happiness.

Motivation – Lee Fried shares some thoughts on employee motivation practices and what it means regarding "Respect for People".

Managing Mura – Mike Wroblewski talks about how to deal with the unevenness and its impact on your process.

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