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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lean Roundup #22 – March, 2011

A selection of highlighted blog posts from Lean bloggers from the month of March, 2011.  You can also view the previous monthly Lean Roundups here.

3 Key Skills that Enable Innovation – Jamie Flinchbaugh explains three fundamental lean behaviors that drive innovation: customer focus, problem solving and learning.

The Toyota Way has worked as it's suppose to, helping the company to face its challenges – Mike Balle talks about how Lean is alive and well despite the issue that surrounded Toyota in recent months and some lessons learned.

The Angry Myth – David Kasprzak explains why getting angry with people who then give in doesn't mean they see things our way.

How to Refresh Your Lean Implementation: 3 Tips to Get Back on Track - Tabitha Zamarripa says don't give up on your Lean implementation if you get stalled; get back on track with these simple tips.

Learn by Seeking Knowledge Not Just from Mistakes – John Hunters explains that experimenting and seeking out new knowledge is even better than learning from mistakes.

13 Ways to Apply Lean Principles to a Small Business – Jeff Hajek writes about 13 ways to bring Lean thinking to your small business. 

It's about throughput not capacity – Dan Markovitz explains that getting things done is not about capacity but throughput.

Lean Standard Work in Our Everyday Lives – Steven Prince talks about standardized processes in our daily lives to make life more relaxed and less hectic.

Don't Be Lazy Get Out And Lead – Matt Wrye talks about those manager that say they support Lean but don't get involved.  It is not a spectator sport.

10 Tips to Immediately Boost Productivity – Ron Pereira provides some things you can do right away to improve your productivity.

Why Before What – Mark Rosenthal advocates explaining why not what when making the case for Lean by understanding your beliefs.

Capital is a resource of last resort – Jamie Flinchbaugh answers the question of Lean and capital by explaining why you should improve first and use capital only after improvement.

Are You "Under New Management" Yet? – Brian Buck talks about the management changes needed for Lean Leadership to be successful.

Updating "A Vision for a Lean Hospital" – Mark Graban shares some thoughts from the final chapter of his new book describing what a Lean Hospital would be like.

Supply Chain Risk 101 – Bill Waddell explains the math around the supply chain risk in the wake of disruptions from Japan.

How to do Yokoten – Jon Miller explains Yokoten, horizontal deployment or best practice sharing as we refer to it in the west.

Standardized Work – Tony Manos talks about standardized work in our routine and the resistance people normally feel.

5 Life Lessons Learned from Multitasking – Pete Abilla writes about the negative impact of multitasking and doing more by doing less.

TWI , the origins and how it is connected to Lean – Dragan Bosnjak answers a readers question explaining TWI and it's integration in Lean.

3 Lessons from the Gipper - Another Look – Christian Paulsen shares 3 lessons we can learn from "The Great Communicator" Ronald Regan.

My Continuous Improvement: Personal Kanban – Matt Wrye shares his story on personal productivity improvement inspired by yours truly.

When Did Accountability Become Modern Taylorism? – JC Gatlin questions if accountability is what we are after or is it ownership implying teamwork and personal responsibility.

Does Setting a Goal for the Number of Kaizens Violate "Kaizen Spirit"? – Mark Graban explores a common question in transforming Lean environments.

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