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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Speed of Improvement

In an earlier post I talked about "The Lean Way to Tie Your Shoes" which illustrates the fastest method to tie your shoe. This post highlighted a number of lean lessons for everyone. A similar cleaver video also demonstrates a number of lean lessons. Before you look at the video let's examine those lessons:

1. Recognition of time as a valuable asset. We don't want to waste our time.
2. Making improvements in things we do everyday. Something Paul Akers calls "improvement in what bugs you."

3. Visual cues are important in demonstrations for accentuating your point.
4. Solutions don't need to be complicated nor require technology to be successful.
5. Sharing best practices with others helps them learn to solve their problems.

What do you think? Is this video a good example of everyday Lean Thinking?

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  1. The heck with having a business discussion I'm going to try some of those tips! ;-)

  2. Think of the time you would save it it were your job to tie your shoes all day....this is a great illustration of how some simple tasks can be made more efficient.

  3. Tim,

    The video was awesome! Still don't think I can figure out the shirt folding tricks, don't want anyone blowing on my boiled eggs, and the parallel parking method is a little risk for me, but the rest of the home kaizen stuff is very doable.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. These are great suggestions. I think it speaks to the practical side of lean as I understand it! Although the parking theme seems to be a little rough on the tires, I would say the others are very doable.