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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Tribute to Stephen Covey

The well-known author, Stephen R. Covey, who impacted the world with his books and self-help products died on Monday, July 16, 2012. Covey died in Idaho Falls, Idaho in the hospital with his wife and all of his 9 children at his side. His death was due to complications from a fall, having lost control of his bicycle on a steep road the previous April.

In order to pay tribute to the contribution Covey has made in my life and career I thought I would highlight several posts that commemorate his thinking:

A Formula for Success explains a simple priority planning model that everyone can use for success based on Covey’s Urgent/Important Priority Matrix.

Visual Task Board Part 1 expands on Covey's urgent and important prioritization matrix to establish a visual task board.

Lean Quote: Empowerment Leads to Success looks at 10 ways to create conditions for more empowerment.

Lean Quote: Applying Active Listening to Engage Others is about active listening tips you can use to understand situations.

Stephen Covey will always be remembered for improving the lives of millions in business, professional and personal ways. How did he influence your life and career? Share your story in memory of Stephen Covey.

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