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Monday, June 10, 2013

Why Team Building Activities Can Improve Motivation in Your Workplace

Today I am pleased to introduce a guest post by Isabelle Riley on improving workplace motivation with team building activities. This is a topic that she speaks from experience on as team builder herself.

Many companies now employ team building activities to motivate their workers and create a positive attitude and work. Why? Here are a few reasons modern companies are heading in this direction:

Team building improves productivity in the workplace. As employees learn to work together more effectively, they are able to do their work more efficiently. Less time has to be spent correcting errors and work can be divided according to team member abilities, reducing repetitive or overlapping work. Team building activities often give employees the opportunity to identify ways to improve processes, policies or procedures that have inhibited productivity. These activities can also increase employee motivation. This happens in several ways. First, when employees succeed in team building activities, they become more confident, which boosts their motivation. Second, commitment to team building activities demonstrates that the business is willing to invest in their success. Third, employees are often more motivated when they gain trust in their fellow employees and feel confident that their work as a team will be recognized and appreciated. You can try utilizing some activities yourself, or you could employ a team building event service, such as Uplift Events, to run a professional team building event.

Team building activities typically involve introducing a problem that team members have to solve together. The problem solving skills that they practice in a simulation can transfer to into the workplace. Through the activities, team members gain the skills that let them identify barriers that have previously hindered them in accomplishing goals and come up with ways to overcome those barriers. Team building activities can give employees structured ways to solve problems together while making each aware of the resources that each team member brings to the workplace. Team building activities also promote creativity by taking employees out of their usual environment and give them an out-of-the-ordinary task to perform. This environment often gives permission for employees to be more creative and to use their imagination to accomplish the tasks set before them. It also sends the message to employees that their creativity is welcome in the workplace. These creative problem-solving skills transfer back to the workplace once the activities are complete.

There are a whole range of activities that you can use in your workplace to help your workers gain that extra motivation kick that you may need and improve workplace relations between all your staff.

Isabelle Riley is a copywriter  working  with Uplift Events  a company  that filled a gap they saw in the market  for  team building events  that  were uplifting, fun, unique and most importantly, customizable.  They   felt   employees needed   to be rewarded with personalized  events through  corporate team building  activities  that were not only  fun & memorable, but provided them with a sense of satisfaction and achievement.  When   Isabelle   is not  writing content  she enjoys  all  household   chores  and bonding with her little boy.

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