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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

How to Start a Movement

In his TED Talk, Derek Sivers explains that, contrary to popular belief, the leader of a movement isn't as important to making change as the first follower. The first follower is what transforms a "lone-nut" into a leader. Using footage of a half-naked dancing man at a music festival to illustrate his point, he emphasizes that his easy-to-follow steps to starting a movement can be used in any situation—particularly the workplace.

Watch the video below and read on for key takeaways from his talk:

"The first follower is what transforms a lone nut into a leader." Sure, Derek Sivers' comment got a few chuckles from the audience, but in this short-and-sweet TED Talk, Sivers discusses one of the unspoken rules of leadership: You need (at least) a follower. And true courage, he explains, is in not being the leader but in being that first follower who believes in the movement so much he has the courage to join in and transform the "lone nut" into a leader. Another key takeaway: Leaders need to nurture their first followers as equals. It's this treatment that motivates them to stick around and attracts more to the movement. As I like to say, great leaders focus on creating more leaders.

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