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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Keep Calm, Keep Reading

On vacation till August 28th!

Here is a collection of the Top 10 posts for 2011 by views:

10. Lean at Home: My Visual Schedule - posted May 16, was where I shared my family's visual scheduling board at home. 

9. Lean Simulation: Your Source for Lean Games and Training Tools - posted June 1, was a post I did sharing a new blog from Martin Boersema which covers lean training, video, and games found online. 

8. A Tribute to Eli Goldratt - posted June 13, was tribute to Eli Goldratt, a true pioneer in process and business improvement, after his death. 

7. The Stages of High Performance Teams - posted April 11, explains the four stages that high performance teams must follow. 

6. 12 Ways to Start Building a Continuous Improvement Culture- post March 15, was from a webinar Jeff Hajek and I did on how to start building a culture of continuous improvement in your company. 

5. Book Review: Death By Meeting - posted February 23, was a book review I did on the subject of making meetings more engaging and less boring by Patrick Lencioni.

4. The 6 Pillars of 6S - Free Posters - posted July 6, was a collection of posters that have been used to explain 6S to make implementation easy for everyone. 

3. Visual Management Board - posted January 11, was really a guest post by my friend Allison Myers describing her visual management board for marketing activities at Lantech. 

2. Personal Kanban Kaizen - It's all Digital - posted March 14, shows a digital version of personal kanban system I use for productivity. 

1. Ten Ways to Show Respect for People - posted January 17, lists ten ways to show respect for people in your organization like encouraging them.

See you soon!
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