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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Leadership Lessons from St. Patrick

Do you know who St. Patrick was?


St. Patrick’s Day is an iconic holiday celebrated with parades, feasts and green beer. It celebrates the life and work of Ireland’s patron saint, St. Patrick. There are many legends and myths of St. Patrick and 17 centuries later, the legends continue to grow. 

What is believed to be true is that St. Patrick was captured by Irish raiders and forced into slavery. He escaped back to his home in Britain and later returned to Ireland as a successful missionary. 

Through a very challenging early life, Patrick became aware his strengths, weaknesses and values. He took time to listen to others and learned how to deliver his message in ways that the Irish people could understand. This strengthened his power of persuasion and ability to influence. Patrick developed the strategic foresight to understand what he wanted to achieve and regularly used conceptualization to help others see his vision, creating the Celtic cross and using the native shamrock to help the Irish people connect with his message. 

Patrick consistently demonstrated courage and strength by making difficult choices in crisis situations, recognizing his own limitations and engaging others to collaborate, and acting in the best interest for the community and the people committed to it. 

Patrick exercised humility and empathy, without which trust cannot be earned and people cannot be motivated to achieve necessary goals. 

Patrick valued relationships and built communities, bonding people together around shared purpose, vision and core values. 

Patrick learned from his circumstances, discovered what he valued and rose to meet the challenges of his time with vision, strength and perseverance. Fifteen hundred years later, he still offers a model for exceptional leadership. 

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