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Monday, March 1, 2021

Lean Roundup #141 – February 2021

A selection of highlighted blog posts from Lean bloggers from the month of February 2021.  You can also view the previous monthly Lean Roundups here.

Lean and Learning – Bob Emliani discusses the dilemma that those who preside over institutions devoted to the pursuit of knowledge and truth are led by people who don’t have as much interest or experience in that.

Where Lean Has Gone Wrong & What to Do About It, Part 1 & Part 2 – Pascal Dennis shares a few thoughts where in his opinion Lean has failed.

Pay Attention to the Trenches, Not the Stars – Dan Markovitz reflects on the Super Bowl with a lesson for leaders: Pay attention to the trenches, that’s where the game is won or lost.

“A3” is an Obligation for the Coach - Mark Rosenthal says that what makes the A3 process work is the continuous interaction between the problem solver and the coach.

Conversations About Enterprise Excellence, “Humane Management,” and Mistakes – Mark Graban shares two interviews and discussions – one on “Humane Management” and one on enterprise excellence.

Leadership Tip #2: Do the Right Thing, Even When it Feels Uncomfortable – Johanna Rothman discussed the importance of leaders as much as they can, use your values to do the right thing.

The Continuous Improvement Apple Tree – Jon Miller uses the metaphor of the apple trees to explain the relationship between various continuous improvement methods or tools and types of challenge.

Lean Thinking: A Flashlight, Mirror, and Sandpaper – Ron Pereira shares parallel from a bible podcast where like the bible Lean can act as a flashlight showing you the way forward, it can behave like a mirror allowing you to examine your own life and sever as sandpaper to clean up any rough edges.

Eliminating Waste from Product Development – Jamie Flinchbaugh explains the tremendous gains in product development can be achieved if all of those involved in the work have a shared interest in the identification and elimination of waste.

Five Helpful Favorite Phrases for Continuous Improvement Beginners – Jon Miller shares 5 ideas to get you started on your continuous improvement journey.

Ohno’s Theory of Nonproductivity – Bob Emiliani discusses why so many leaders benefit from nonproductivity and why it’s a constraint to progress.

Ask Art: What is the Walk of Shame, and Why Is It Effective? – Art Byrne suggests that you take your team on a walk of shame, ask serious questions about what you are seeing at every stop and if done correctly can change people's opinions.

Why it’s Better to Focus on Value, Not Waste - Katrina Appell says while nobody wants waste in their value stream, it would be better to focus on increasing value.

How Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Teaching Embodies Lean Thinking – Christopher D. Chapman explains lean and the similarities with Dr. King’s leadership and thinking.

The Toyota Way and Toyota Kata: How Do They Fit? – Jeffrey Liker clear up some confusion about the relationship between the Toyota Way and Toyota Kata.

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