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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Podcast on Gotta Go Lean Blog

I recently had the opportunity to do a podcast with Jeff Hajek.  Jeff Hajek is a Lean consultant, award-winning author of Whaddaya Mean I Gotta Be Lean, and the founder of Velaction Continuous Improvement.  Jeff also publishes the blog Gotta Go Lean.

The Gotta Go Lean Blog focuses on Lean at the front line--helping managers and employees work together to make Lean more productive for the company, and jobs more satisfying for employees. And committed, engaged, satisfied employees are good for business.

Jeff asked me to do a podcast with him regarding frontline leadership at the supervisor level.  Below is a brief introduction to this subject from Jeff:
Because Lean requires a great deal of autonomy from frontline employees, it also requires frontline Lean leadership with a unique skill set. Supervisors in a Lean company have to be able to do it all. They must be coaches, mentors, trainers, and still deliver results. It’s a fine line to walk. Too directive, and they stifle creativity. To ‘hands off’ and their teams don’t get better. We dive into the details about what we think Lean supervisors need to do to be successful when their company is focused on continuous improvement.
To listen to my interview along with Jeff click here.  The podcast is about 21 minutes in length.  I hope you enjoy and I thank Jeff for the opportunity to share with others.

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