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Friday, April 30, 2010

Lean Roundup #11 – April, 2010

Selected highlights from the Lean Blog Community from the month of April, 2010.

Cats and Dogs in Manufacturing – Mike Wroblewski shares Ohno's advice on outsourcing those typically small volume, hard to make, mainly less profitable parts.

Fastest Way to De-motivate Employees: Don't Train – Ankit Patel explores the de-motivational effects from a lack of training and retraining employees.

Lean Leadership Soft Skills – Jeff Hajek lists some of the greatest challenges—and opportunities—for many Lean leaders.

Management Magical Mystery Tour – Mike Wroblewski talks about the wasted opportunity of executive level plant visits.

Ted Video: Dan Pink on Motivation – Mark Graban highlights a TED video on Motivation by Daniel Pink.

MBWA is not a Gemba Walk – Kevin Meyer explains why walking around (especially undercover) is a lost opportunity for executives to make real improvements.

Executive Engagement - The Lean Thinker's Approach – Adam Zak shares 3 steps to get leadership engagement in your business.

How a Simple Office Kanban System Works – Mark Graban explains a kanban system in the office that anyone could use in their organization.

Company Purpose and Shareholder Value – Gregg Stocker shares his thoughts on why a company's purpose matters and money isn't everything.

What Data Do you Need – Dragan Bosnjak talks about why we collect data and what makes a good metric.

Defining Corporate Culture – Pete Abilla defines a company's culture by what is present as well as what is missing.

Chasing Rabbits - Process Unimprovements – Bryan Zeiglar explains process control and process improvement with Demming's marble and funnel experiment.

The Remarkable Gift of "Start Over" – Evan Durant talks about why it is necessary to stop and start over again because of the importance of redefining value.

The Toyota Way - Two Pillars – John Hunter explains the two pillars of TPS being continuous improvement and respect for people.

Sugarcoat Pills, Not Communications! – Liz Guthridge shares her thoughts on why straight talk is the way to go and that is shows respect.

Think Outside the Box or Inside the Silo? – George Rathbun talks about silo organizations versus lean organizations and the importance on thinking outside the box.

Building Coaching Capabilities – Lee Fried discusses how and why purpose of coaching is to build capability into the leadership line.

5S ThinkingBryan from TWI shares thoughts on 5S from John Miller's post A Tracking Method for 5S Programs.

Standard Work is a Verb – Mark Hamel explains the importance of reviewing and revising standard work as part of continuous improvement not just kaizen events.

What to Do When Your Lean Implementation is like a Chicken – Jon Miller talks about a skill matrix and some things you need to consider before you start.

Undercover Lean – Tom Stoffel shares two truths from the show Undercover Boss that relates to Lean Healthcare.

Organizational Design Solves Lean Challenges – Jamie Flinchbaugh pens a great article on how organizational design can be used to solve problems or enhance lean methods.

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