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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lean Roundup #17 - October, 2010

Here is the next addition of the most requested feature. The Lean Roundup is a selection of highlighted posts from other Lean bloggers from October, 2010.

What Leaders Need to Think? – Dragan Bosnjak says that leaders be concerned to create and train their successors.

Create a System That Lets People Take Pride in Their Work – John Hunter talks about allowing people to take pride in what they do instead of trying to empower them.

Want a Successful Lean Event? Preparation and Process are Everything – Connor Shea describes several elements to make your Lean event successful.

Back to Basics: The Key to Improving Performance – Gregg Stocker explains why it is important to focus on the process and not just the results if you want to show results.

You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks – Jamie Flinchbaugh shares his thoughts on adult learning.

5 Lean Things Your Accounting Dept. Can Do Immediately to Help Cash Flow – Jon Wetzel shares some great advice on where to start thinking Lean in accounting.

Telling "How" Removes Responsibility – Mark Hamel says don’t tell them how to solve the problem but coach by asking probing questions.

10 Mistakes in Starting Lean Enterprise Transformations – John Miller shares some advice on what mistakes to avoid from experience when transforming to a Lean enterprise.

Beyond Kaizen Events – Brad Schultz explains why you want to accelerate your improvements past events to prevent pockets of success.

The "Lean Group" Syndrome – Ron Pereira shares his thoughts on why the improvement group approach to Lean is really L.A.M.E.

The gap with the ideal is a good place to define objectives – Steven Spear explains how to set goals in a Lean environment.

The Button Can Push Itself: Tools Mastery vs Concept Mastery – David Kasprzak says to focus on the thinking instead of the tools for real improvement.

What is hansei? – Dragan Bosnjak explains what hansei is with a Japanese kindergarten school example.

Lean Methods Make Gaps Visible – Pascal Dennis shares some thought on how Lean Methods make gaps visible.

How a burnt out light at the Dentist's office gave me a better teeth cleaning – Jon Wetzel explains the importance of having a standard from a recent visit to the dentist.

Organization Development: A Visual Presentation with International Flair – Charles Wolfe talks about a successful organization development in terms of fall foliage in New England.

Why Shortage vs Stock is Not Really a Tradeoff – James Mok explains the financial tradeoff between either risking a shortage or maintaining too high a stock level.

Lean Myth: Lean is Stressful for Workers – David Veech says that while change is not easy lean is really about reducing worker’s stress.

This is Not a Tree – Jamie Flinchbaugh reminds us that data is a representation of reality that must be analyzed and challenged.

It's About Time – Jeff Hajek provides a comprehensive list of time terms that are used in business and continuous improvement.

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  1. Thanks for including me twice in the same post Tim. This is a great list of blog posts. The hardest part is finding time to read all the great stuff that people are contributing to the conversation these days.


  2. Tim-this is a great list. It may take all of November to get through them.