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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Management Improvement Carnival #112

I am pleased that John Hunter of the Curious Cat Blog has asked me to host the next edition of the Management Improvement Carnival.  The goal of this roundup is to highlight recent management posts of interest.  Here are a few highlights from some of my favorite writers:

What Leaders Need to Think? – Dragan Bosnjak says that leaders be concerned to create and train their successors.

Create a System That Lets People Take Pride in Their Work – John Hunter talks about allowing people to take pride in what they do instead of trying to empower them.

3 Questions to Ask Before Starting with Lean – Mark Graban suggests that you answer these fundamental questions when considering turning to Lean for improvement.
5 Reasons You Need to do DMAIC – Christian Paulsen shares a personal story explaining why you need to use DMAIC.

Overlooked Waste Reduction of Kanban – Matt Wrye reminds us that kanban can reduce information flow not just inventory but the real goal is about flow.

Establishing a Classroom Culture – David Kasprzak explores the question of “what id work was like going to school?”

How to Sustain a Lean Culture After 10 Years – Jon Miller shares lessons learned on how to operate a lean management system and sustain a lean culture.

When to Coach the Process, and When to Coach the Solution – Jamie Flinchbaugh examines when to coach someone on the process or method, or coach them on the solution.

Lean Quote: Leadership Can't Be Claimed Like Luggage at the Airport - Tim McMahon explains that leadership is not received but rather earned from what you do.

Find a Factoy Whisperer – Jeff Hajek shares 7 ways to find a mentor, someone who really understands the behavior of a production system.

Telling “How” Removes Responsibility - Mark Hamel explains why employees take more responsibility for the solution when you explain the "why" not the "how".

Hopefully you have discovered a couple of new blogs in this carnival.  Previous Management Improvement Carnival posts can be found here.

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