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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Annual Management Improvement Carnival: 2011 - Beyond Lean

In my first review on John Hunter's Annual Management Improvement Carnival I have chosen to review Matt Wrye's blog Beyond Lean. Matt is a lean practitioner by day and blogger by night like myself. I find his posts so relate-able since many of his writings are based on his experiences which seem similar to mine.

Matt and I met obviously online through blogging but our dialogue picked up on the subject of personal kanban.  We had a number of exchanges this past year on his first personal kanban and his second improvement which was based on some experimentation I had done. There was also a nice exchange on the role of the Lean leader and the struggle between just doing it and influencing change.

Therefore, I am happy to share some of my favorite posts from Matt Wrye this past year:

The 8th Waste is a Waste – Matt Wrye talks about the eight waste in terms of respect for people by engaging your work force.

Don't Be Lazy Get Out And Lead – Matt Wrye talks about those manager that say they support Lean but don't get involved. It is not a spectator sport.

Building Operational Excellence – Matt Wrye explains the important factors for any company that wants to achieve operational excellence.

My Continuous Improvement - Stand-up Desk – Matt Wrye shares his stand-up desk improvement which provides a good example for everyone.

Making Leader Standard Work Visual – Matt Wrye shares a visual management board for leader standard work.

Stop Improving and Start Eliminating – Matt Wrye explains the fact that benefits from Lean comes from eliminating the waste within a process not improving the value added steps.

Stop Placing Blame and Understand the Why – Matt Wrye reminds us it isn't important who creates the issue but it is important to understand why the issue occurred.

As you can see Matt has a great mix of practical advice and real know-how that ensures there is always a lesson to be learned.  I strongly recommend you follow Matt Wrye at Beyond Lean.

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  1. Tim -

    Thanks for the great review. I appreciate it. Good luck to you in 2012!