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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Annual Management Improvement Carnival: 2011 - Gemba Tales

In my second review for the Annual Management Improvement Carnival I have chosen one of my favorite bloggers, Mark Hamel. Mark won the Shingo prize for his book Kaizen Event Fieldbook and writes on Gemba Tales. I also highlighted Mark's blog on last year annual carnival. Mark and I have known each other for a few years as we live about 20 miles apart.

Mark is quite creative and his writing style is easy to interpret.  With Mark I always feel like I can apply what I learn from him right away in the Gemba and see real improvement. Even though Mark has been busy working on a new book he still finds time to share those golden nuggets that make you say "Oh yeah. I can do that."

Here is a sample of those golden nuggets from Mark:

Line of Sight, Employee Engagement, and Daily Kaizen – Mark Hamel talks about how a Lean leader can facilitate greater engagement.

6 Leadership Habits for Effective Tiered Meetings – Mark Hamel provides some tips to make your tiered meetings effective and engaging.

The Best or Nothing – Mark Hamel explains the balance between seeking perfection and a bias for action when doing kaizen and how to make it all work.

Eight Ways to Mess Up the Function...and Sabotage the Transformation – Mark Hamel shares 8 things to avoid if you want your Lean transformation to be successful.

"Measuring" Kaizen Event Team Effectiveness: 7 Criteria - Mark Hamel explains 7 measurements that are used to evaluate a Kaizen team's effectiveness.

Lean Leaders - Don't be so Judgemental - Mark Hamel says there are two main reasons why Lean leaders should be judgemental: People and Process.

I believe you will enjoy Mark Hamel's posts as much as I do.  I encourage you to follow Marks' blog Gemba Tales.

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