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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Annual Management Improvement Carnival: 2011 - Lean Pathways

In my final review for the 2011 Annual Management Improvement Carnival I have chosen one of my newest favorites, Lean Pathways. This blog came on to the scene about a year and half ago but the authors aren't new to writing. Four time Shingo Prize winning author Pascal Dennis and his colleague Al Norval are the primary contributors to the blog of the same name as their company.

Perhaps the most notable element of the Lean Pathways blog is the custom artwork that illustrates each post. I would add that their posts are as notable. Many posts focus on the real meaning of Lean and leadership. They take every attempt to explain their interpretation of Lean thinking such that we can all understand it and implement it.

Here are some of Pascal and Al's most notable posts from this past year:

Lean Implementation - Common Failure – Al Norval explains 2 common failures in Lean implementations: thinking it is not cultural change and leaders not changing themselves.

Going to Gemba – Pascal Dennis explains how leaders can make more time to go to the Gemba.

Empowering Team Members – Al Norval explains that empowering teams is more than asking their opinion but encouraging them to solve their own problems.

What is "Yokoten"? – Al Norval explains what the Japanese term Yokoten means and why it is important.

What are Mental Models? – Al Norval explains mental models, or the lenses we use to see reality, a reality that can be distorted by our thinking.

Success is the Enemy of Future Success – Pascal Dennis says success if the enemy of future success and that relentless self-examination is more the key.

Humor in Adult Learning – Al Norval talks about how to teach adults and he suggests adding in some humor to make the learning stick.

As I said at the beginning of this post Lean Pathways is one of my favorite blogs. I am sure you will find this blog one of your favorites as well.

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  1. I don't know Al Norval, but Pascal Dennis is one of my go-to authorities on lean thinking and implementation. I frequently recommend his books, and have attended a conference session of his. I haven't spent time with his blog, but I will now. Thanks for the tip, Tim.

  2. Tim,thanks very much for the words of praise. You're very kind. Writing the blog and sharing our thoughts on Lean & Leadership is something that both Pascal & I have a passion for. It's helping people do what a great sensei once told me "Every day a little bit up"