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Monday, January 9, 2012

Annual Management Improvement Carnival: 2011 - Lean Leadership

In my third review for the Annual Management Improvement Carnival I am going to highlight the blog Lean Leadership. Christian Paulsen, a lean consultant, is the author of Lean Leadership.  He started blogging a couple years ago and I have been following him since the beginning.  Christian has been a frequent guest blogger this year on A Lean Journey.

Christian covers a wide range of topics from 5S and six sigma to leadership and change management.  He even does a weekly series on quotes which is a little bit different take on the Friday Lean Quote featured here. Christian has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing and Lean Leadership which he shares with personal tales to highlight his points in a memorable way.

I am happy to highlight some of my favorite posts from Christian on a Lean Leadership:

3 Lessons from the Gipper - Another Look – Christian Paulsen shares 3 lessons we can learn from "The Great Communicator" Ronald Regan.

Can you Avoid Lean Failure? – Chris Paulsen answers a readers question by explaining common characteristics of successful Lean thinking companies.

10 Management Traps to Avoid While Launching Lean – Christian Paulsen explains 10 management traps and how they relate to Lean manufacturing.

6 Lean Leadership Keys From The Toast Guy – Christian Paulsen shares 6 keys to Lean leadership from an article Bruce Hamilton, the Toast Kaizen guy, wrote.

6 Quick Lean Leadership Lessons – Chris Paulsen shares 6 Lean leadership lessons that we should all learn.

5 Reasons for 5s – Chris Paulsen explains the benefits of doing 5S in your plant or workplace.

Why Don't People Follow Procedures? – Christian Paulsen writes about the value of following up with the team through their experience.

6 Quick Lean Leadership Lessons – Christian Paulsen shares one-liners with a brief commentary on how these apply to Lean Leadership.

If you are not already a fan of Christian's blog Lean Leadership I am sure you will enjoy it. Check out these and other posts today.

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  1. Tim,

    Thank you for the kind review. I've learned a lot following your blog and appreciate the advice you've provided along the way. All the best in 2012!


  2. Thanks for this. Any company must try to get leaner and more efficient.