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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lean Simulation: Your Source for Lean Games and Training Tools

There is a new blog within the Lean community called Lean Simulations.  This is the creation of Martin Boersema, a Lean practitioner from the Toronto area.

The goal of this site is to create a resource or repository for training simulations, videos, and other tools for sharing and learning.  Martin explains this in his own words: 
As an industrial engineer implementing Lean at a manufacturing facility, I found plenty of Lean resources on the Internet. However, when I looked for simulations to use for training and during kaizen events, I discovered that free stuff was difficult to come by. I needed simple lean games to demonstrate the basic concepts of Lean and TPS to shop floor employees. 

He also encourages other to share their know-how:
The focus of this site is Lean training material, ready-to-use and FREE. I am searching the web for lean simulations, lean games, presentations, and real world examples. Please feel free to email me your material and I will link to it or post it.
Martin told me he started this site as a way to capture online Lean resources as he was trying to develop a Lean game to teach his coworkers. Now he has interjected some thoughts on training and these resources.  A recent discussion covered the question of improving employee morale from team building.

This is a new blog but I think you will find this a useful resource. With help from the Lean community sharing their knowledge the value of the information can grow substantially.

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  1. Thanks for the write-up Tim! I hope people get some value from my collection of Lean resources.