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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Improvement Kata Handbook

Recently, I reviewed Mike Rother's Toyota Kata book.  In doing so I came across the Toyota Kata website.  The site is dedicate to the practice of mastering the improvement kata as explained in his book.  

This website has a number of great resources at your disposal but probably the most notable is the Improvement Kata Handbook.  This is a great companion to the Toyota Kata book and can be used train and develop improvement kata thinking and acting in your company.

Mike Rother suggests a 3 step process to get started with improvement kata:

I would encourage you to thoroughly review this site and take advantage of this training material. I am sure you will find this information very informative and valuable along your journey. Keep learning, practicing, and sharing.

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  1. "Toyota Kata" is a book that everyone in the lean community (and elsewhere) should read. If you are looking for what sets Toyota apart from those trying to replicate them, then this is the book for you. Well written, with great examples; this book will get you to think differently about lean. Probably one of the best books on lean in recent years.

  2. Tony, I agree. One the greatest contributions to the Lean community the Toyota Way. This should be required reading for business and MBA students.